Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Adobe Premiere Elements 13 för Windows

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Always  your photos and videos with you, wherever you are. Edit them, transform  them, share them and view them along the way. Get everything from every  memory.


Transform your photos and videos

Make  fast edits, add artistic elements and cool effects as a professional or  transform your photos and videos to show your vision. In Elements you  can follow step-by-step instructions or you can have it done for you.


Create and share

Share  lasting memories in photo books, sketchbooks and maps that reflect your  style. Share photos and movies via disc, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and  more - and place a cool accent on your Facebook page with a custom cover  photo.


Photos and videos from mobile devices welcome

It's  easier than ever to sync your photos and videos from mobile devices  with Elements to free up memory on your phone and make fun  transformations. Or to synchronize Elements photos and videos with your  mobile device so you can access every memory anywhere.


To tell in a simple way about the great stories of your life

Let  weddings, birthdays and other great events of your life come to  justice. With Video Story you simply select the story type and collect  video clips for each chapter, after which Premiere Elements does the  rest - cropping, transitions and music based on the selected mood, so  that you get a complete production.


Favorite moments, fast movies

You can easily click to choose your favorite moments from a video clip, then Elements merges them into a movie.

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