Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Adobe Illustrator CS6 is a powerful vector drawing tool that includes everything you'll need for design, web and video projects.

One major headline this time is the new focus on performance. True  64-bit support and Adobe's Mercury Performance System play a big part in  improving responsiveness, but Adobe have also been identifying and  resolving bottlenecks all around the package. The previous Gaussian blur  implementation wasn't the best, for instance, but it's been optimised  for CS6, and as a result Gaussian blurs (and effects which depend on  them, such as drop shadows and glows) are now much, much faster.

It's a similar story with the interface. There's an obvious new look  (you can even tweak the UI brightness to your personal taste), but Adobe  report making more than 40 usability tweaks to the Illustrator  interface, from easier font changes to inline editing of layer names.

And workspace management just generally works a little more like  you'd always hoped. So even options which were previously hidden away,  such as the Shape and Pen tools, can now be torn off and docked. And you  can dock tools horizontally or vertically to organise your workspace  just how you'd like.

You're looking for something more? Illustrator CS6 is relatively  short on the big new features. There's a new image tracing engine to  help you convert raster images to vectors, for instance, and the program  can now easily create seamless tiled vector patterns, but that's about  it.

Is it worth the upgrade, then? Tricky: the performance enhancements  and UI tweaks are welcome, but may not be enough to justify the outlay.  We'd recommend you try before you buy.

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